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How to Wow: Digital Insider

Open Knowledge – For People Who Want to Know

In order to ensure the lasting success of brands, companies and organizations in the digital era, one has to be aware of both the background and the fast-changing nature of media and technology.

This is why Aperto constantly seeks out new developments, trends and innovations, which we are happy to be able to share.

Design for Impact

18 European service design enthusiast share their view on ‘Design for Impact’. Among them: Marko Thorhauer from Aperto.

From University Marketing to the “Student Experience”

How universities differentiate themselves with digital services in the competition for excellence. 

Graphic of tablets forming a landscape

How to Connect Web, Tablet & App

How can you provide your users with the best possible content and service experience in the growing landscape of web-enabled devices? We’ll tell you.

Graphic of several devices

From Big Data to Right Data

In the times of big data, as a brand’s customers have come to expect a defined stance on the handling of their information, privacy policies become an increasingly important part of brand management.

Graphic of a brain consisting of various coloured bands

The Allure of the Alluring

As the world becomes more digital, so our desire for sensuous stimulation increases. For marketers, making use of this knowledge opens exciting new opportunities for brand management.

We're digital insiders, working together openly. And we have no end of insider knowledge about complex topics from the world of digital communication. We reduce this know-how to the main essentials and share it with you.

A chinese girl taking pictures with her smartphone

Social Media Marketing in China

China is rapidly turning into a digital consumer society, with social media becoming  crucial in determining marketing and distribution success.

Graphic of a rounded network

Organization 2.0

Young employees expect a greater culture of connection. Ideas about the company structure of the future.

Graphic of a doe placed on a yellow triangle and grey circle background

The Headhunters‘ Fight for Big Game

The future of recruitment is employer branding – and those who know how it works.

Graphic of a globe

Welcome to a Bank New World

The Transition from Consumer to Prosumer Banking.