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Working at Aperto

A brand new era: Since April 2016, Aperto is part of IBM interactive Experience (IBM iX), one of the biggest digital agencies in the world. Together with us, IBM iX plans to grow in Germany and Europe and this step opens many new doors — as much for our employees as for our clients. New topics, innovations, services, and thousands of new colleagues worldwide.

But while we are in the middle of a change, we remain Aperto — the right service agency for the digital age. Right service, because we think that no one can claim to provide a “full service” anymore. And we prefer to do it right, than to do it all. We believe in the creation of a better, digital world. Together with IBM, and perhaps with you too?


We are always searching for brilliant people. So that you feel at home at Aperto, we have created an atmosphere that encourages all employees to reach their full potential. From regular training workshops and flexible working hours to an inspiring work environment in the heart of Berlin’s Mitte district. We come together in the mornings at breakfast and evenings over a refreshing drink at our bar. Because we believe the best results come from working together, as a team. Open, cooperative and agile.

Interested? Then take a look at our job openings or take a peek behind the curtains. On the Skjlls job platform you can read the full Aperto story. And naturally we’ve got social media covered on Facebook, Twitter Instagram and Behance. Get in touch.

Fahrrad lehnt an einer Bürowand bei Aperto
Büroraum bei Aperto
Aperto-Mitarbeiter im Büro Basel
Aperto-Mitarbeiter im Gespräch im Konferenzraum