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Welcome to Basel

Basel in Motion

Basel is situated on the border of three countries: Germany, France and Switzerland. It is this city on the Rhine that many innovative companies, research institutes and universities have chosen to make their base. Although favored by the pharmaceutical and life science industries; the art, design, architecture, logistics, trade and the financial sector also play an increasingly important role. It only boasts 200 000 inhabitants, but Basel is a city in constant motion; modern and cosmopolitan – a perfect fit for Aperto.

Managing director Peter Hummel and his team have managed diverse accounts since the beginning of 2000. The fusionists know what ‘Swissness’ is and how Swiss brands do and should communicate. With extensive experience in the digital industry and in the handling of innovative technologies, Aperto develops transmedial solutions for the decisive – and measurable – competitive edge. When it comes to bigger projects, Aperto Basel works closely with the Berlin and Beijing offices, making use of their technical expertise particularly in the fields of mobile and online marketing. Among their most important clients are the Canton of Basel City and the University of Basel.

Backstage at Aperto

Two employees discussing
Peter Hummel
Emloyee in the office of Aperto Switzerland
Street in Basel where Aperto Switzerland is settled
View of Basel
A hand points on a board with printed designs
Employee at his desk
Four employees at a meeting

Basel is a modern, cosmopolitan city. With a flourishing economy and a multifaceted cultural scene – it has been the perfect match for Aperto ever since we first set up our office here in 2000.

Here we are Aperto
Falknerstrasse 26
4001 Basel
+41 (0) 61 - 264 00-00