CEO & Founder Dirk Buddensiek

Digital Entrepreneur

When it comes to digital, Dirk has always been ahead of the game. He founded Aperto in 1995 – a time when the market for digital services was still in its fledgling phase. He was responsible for building up the multimedia section of one of the largest German advertising agencies, but left to forge his own path with Aperto. Before entering the communications sector, the qualified Master of Business and Engineering worked as an editor at a German radio station. As Chairman, he has led the board of directors since 2001, concentrating on the building up of new business spheres and the continuous expansion of the agency group. Dirk made it his mission to run a successful company so that it remains fair, offering exciting opportunities for good employees consistently, and not just in times of growth. He loves analog music, is a passionate guitar player – although by his account not a particularly good one – whose warmth and strong sense of empathy have imbued Aperto with its unique company culture.

I have always been fascinated by how we make people happy. When it happens, it’s wonderful to watch how they respond with their loyalty. Whether a client or an employee – I’ve never drawn a big distinction between them.

Dirk Buddensiek

CEO & Founder

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