live on Facebook March 27 The Confidence Code: Trust in the Data Economy

Portrait Jan Pilhar

Jan Pilhar – Executive Director, IBM iX - Aperto

With trust at an all-time low across most countries, we are in the midst of a crisis of confidence. People are growing increasingly distrustful of institutions, politicians and corporations. Yet, trust is crucial to harness the power of data for digital success in both business and society at large. In his talk, Jan takes a look at the current trust issues, their validity and ways to overcome them in order to fully unlock the power of data.


About Jan Pilhar

Jan is an expert in digital strategy and reinvention with a focus on delivering cutting-edge enterprise experiences. He and his teams combine strategy and business design to help organizations drive digital transformation initiatives and create new services and revenue streams. Jan worked for consultancies, agencies and brands across Europe, Asia and the U.S. and managed complex multinational projects. Currently, Jan heads the strategy and business design team at the IBM iX Studio in Berlin.

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