live on Facebook March 27 It’s about time: Digitalization for the common good

Portrait Jeannette Gusko

Jeannette Gusko – Senior Regional Manager DACH, GoFundMe

Nearly 90 percent of Germans feel digitalisation is done to them according to the „Technik-Radar“ survey. The less selfefficacy and empowerment people feel over the outcome of their own doing the less they trust companies, institutions and societal rules of living together. We are missing positive narratives about the present and the future that are guiding and inspiring citizens to take part. The future will belong to regions which turn digitalisation from a rather elitist into a societal project. When we create those visionary value-based spaces individual contributions and social ventures are more likely to thrive. Furthermore resources -  financial, cultural, socialand network - need to be made accessible to the many. Digitalisation creates common good when it is solving social problems, creates tangible value added in our daily lives and gives marginalized voices a platform for structural change.


About Jeannette Gusko​ 

Jeannette is an expert in technology for common good, a political campaign manager and advocate along the intersection of women’s rights and social justice. With more than a decade of experience in politics, digital transformation and business strategy Jeannette is currently leading global fundraising platform GoFundMe in the DACH region. She also contributes to fundraising and strategy for the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy. Jeannette has received numerous accolades and fellowships for her work. Born to working-class parents in East Berlin in 1984, Jeannette is convinced that we need intersectional approaches and resilient networks to tackle the global challenges we are facing today: climate justice, gender and social equality, digitalization for all - guaranteeing civil society's crucial participation in those issues.

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