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Let’s design a better digital world

We are Aperto. A new kind of agency offering the right services for the digital age. As fusionists we connect Wow & How – strategy, technology, creativity – to help brands and organizations reach the next level. We offer talent, a passion for excellence and a unique culture in which ideas and innovation thrive. We believe in creating a better digitized world. And we love creating it with our clients.


We are committed to building a fair organization, one where being open, progressive and excellent is not a contradiction in terms. This company culture runs through our entire agency group, making us what we are today – and still want to be tomorrow: Aperto.


Dirk Buddensiek

IBM iX Leader D-A-CH

Kai Grossmann

Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Simon

Chief Creative Officer

Stephan Haagen

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Elke Röttgen

Chief Operating Officer

Jan Gessenhardt

Chief Innovation Officer

Agency Model

Our agency is based on the three fundamental disciplines of the digital era: strategy, creativity and technology. We cover these areas at their base, with creative strategists, technical consultants and creative technologists. It is this model that enables us to tackle each project with the right skills – and keeps us at the forefront of the digital revolution.


We are at home in Berlin and Zurich. Whichever the city, we deliver the right service – wherever, whenever. Our team of over 400 fusionists is at the forefront of the digital revolution, and determined to stay there.

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We are driven by projects that both inspire and challenge us. So if you’re looking for an agency to collaborate and grow with, you’ve found the right partner. Focusing on three primary areas – strategy, creation and technology – to deliver a holistic solution, we provide the Right-Service For The Digital Age.


Kai Lohberger, Director New Business
Aperto GmbH
Chausseestraße 5
10115 Berlin
+49 30 283921-158