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In order to ensure the lasting success of brands, companies and organizations in the digital era, one has to be aware of both the background and the fast-changing nature of media and technology.

This is why Aperto constantly seeks out new developments, trends and innovations, which we are happy to be able to share. More articles are available in our Aperto Stories at

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Not your standard trend report 2019

♪ Alle Jahre wieder ♫ — tech and consulting companies share their views on key technology trends and predictions for 2019. Despite feeling a bit of “market pressure” to join that choir and give you an insight of what the coming year might bring, we decided to take a different path this time. Some thoughts of our collegues Sebastian Kubitschko and Markus Meißner.

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AI & microwaves: let’s star the manual

The conclusion "You don’t have to know how a microwave works. You just want to use it to cook. ML is just like that." made our Strategist Isabelle Ette think about why user friendliness and applicability are not the same thing. More in our blog.


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Keep this in mind when planning an innovation program

In theory they are set of modules, assembled after management objectives. In practice, innovation programs turn out to be anything but easy to maintain and fully unexpected in their shape. 

Digitalization in the automotive industry

Digitalization is transforming the automobile industry’s value chain, enabling the creation of completely new business opportunities and services around mobility. Some thoughts by our Business Owner Adriano Bezzera-Delaunay.

Branding the Conversation: How to keep your brand relevant in a voice-first world

We are rapidly entering the age of conversational commerce. With recent advances in AI , most importantly natural language processing (NLP), voice will be the next big paradigm in how we interact with digital devices. Some thoughts by our Executive Director Jan Pilhar.

UX design in practice at Aperto

A look behind the scenes: the example of the IBM Elderly Care App gives an insight into the work, methods and tools of our Lean Service Creation team.

We're digital insiders, working together openly. And we have no end of insider knowledge about complex topics from the world of digital communication. We reduce this know-how to the main essentials and share it with you.

The Future of Data-Driven Creativity

There has been a lot of buzz around data-driven creativity. Touted by some as the gateway to a new level of human creativity  -  and seen as the death of creativity by others  - data is sure to change how we think about, deliver and evaluate creative problem solving. Some thoughts by our Executive Director Jan Pilhar.

Progressive Strategy — Why you need to up your strategy game

Some claim that strategy has „become a dirty word“. While this statement was obviously phrased with its attention-grabbing power in mind, there is truth to the notion that traditional strategy approaches haven fallen out of favour in the digital world. Some thoughts by our Executive Director Jan Pilhar.


How to Become Agile — An agency Guide

Agile work has mutated into a buzzword, which has been heard more and more frequently in the agent's scene in recent years. But what exactly does that mean? How do you know how agile a company really is?

Design for Impact

18 European service design enthusiast share their view on ‘Design for Impact’. Among them: Marko Thorhauer from Aperto.

From University Marketing to the “Student Experience”

How universities differentiate themselves with digital services in the competition for excellence. 

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How to Connect Web, Tablet & App

How can you provide your users with the best possible content and service experience in the growing landscape of web-enabled devices? We’ll tell you.

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From Big Data to Right Data

In the times of big data, as a brand’s customers have come to expect a defined stance on the handling of their information, privacy policies become an increasingly important part of brand management.

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The Allure of the Alluring

As the world becomes more digital, so our desire for sensuous stimulation increases. For marketers, making use of this knowledge opens exciting new opportunities for brand management.


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Social Media Marketing in China

China is rapidly turning into a digital consumer society, with social media becoming  crucial in determining marketing and distribution success.

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Organization 2.0

Young employees expect a greater culture of connection. Ideas about the company structure of the future.

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The Headhunters‘ Fight for Big Game

The future of recruitment is employer branding – and those who know how it works.

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Welcome to a Bank New World

The Transition from Consumer to Prosumer Banking.