COO Kai Großmann

Business Strategist

Kai has been on the Aperto board since 2011 and the Vice Chairman since 2014. He is responsible for the areas of business strategy and technical engineering, as well as managing operational elements of the company. Over the years, it has been his expertise that has secured Aperto’s many technology partnerships and client relationships, as well as conquered new business concepts and spheres. He, for example, was the one who levelled the path for the hugely successful branches in Dubai and Switzerland. The qualified engineer and communications expert started his career at Aperto in 2002, after having worked, since 1996, as a consultant and concept developer at a number of large digital agencies. With his affinity for technical innovation, he tirelessly drives the agency group forward – and always manages to motivate teams to think outside the box. The father of two loves to spend his free time in the outdoors – whether in the mountains, sailing, biking, or travelling with his family. Ever the realist, his calm and laid-back attitude is always appreciated, and brings a perfect balance to the agency management.

As the Right-Service Agency – to get it right requires not only passion and pursuit of something new, but also the ability to tell apart significant and lasting trends from ephemeral hype. In short: it requires passion and courage.

Kai Großmann


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