28.08.2019 • Berlin A new digital service portal for Deutsche Rentenversicherung

Materna and Aperto relaunched the German Pension Insurance website

Since July 24, Deutsche Rentenversicherung (German Pension Insurance, short: DRV) is presenting its modern, user-centric information and service portal.  With the relaunch of the website, it is now much easier for citizens and experts to access relevant information on the fields of prevention, rehabilitation and pensions. In order to make it easier for users to navigate through the websites, the DRV's central presence was separated more clearly from the regional pension insurance institutions sites.

DRV realized the project in close cooperation with the contractors Materna and Aperto. As general contractor, Materna was responsible for the overall project and also provided the technical conception, implementation and migration as well as the training of the editorial team on the new CMS. The Berlin agency Aperto developed the concept for the website structure and for the individual pages as well as the overall design. The new website is based on the new Open-Source-System of the Federal Government, the Government Site Builder GSB 10.

The DRV is now online at www.deutsche-rentenversicherung.de with its new information and service portal. The total of 16 appearances of the federal and regional authorities as well as the central portal of the DRV present themselves in an appealing and modern way, as well as being barrier-free and accessible on mobile devices. The website now differs significantly from the regional portal sites in terms of design and content.

Clear user guidance and a prominent search feature provide direct access to the most important topics.

With the relaunch, a citizen-oriented information service was created. The complexity of the content was reduced and the amount of information made easier to access. Instead of the previous sorting of content according to the ‘life circumstances model’, the new content structure is based on the most important introductory topics for the user: Prevention, rehabilitation and retirement. The clear new navigation as well as categories and topic filters offer a good orientation during the information search and short ways to the desired action. Many online services enable citizens to submit their applications online.

Various searches, such as the radius search for information centers and clinics or the formula search, are prominently displayed as important elements and make it easier for users to find the information they need. Also the new media library offers a direct and shortened access to important media. In addition, the integrated calculators have been designed to be user-friendly for interactive use.

Project goals successfully implemented by DRV

DRV's project management team, together with the IT service provider Materna and the agency Aperto, implemented the complex relaunch, from initiation to conception and implementation. In particular, DRV intensively accompanied all workshops throughout all project phases and consistently incorporated the concepts of user centricity and transparency.

Materna was responsible for the overall project - Aperto in lead in creation and user centricity

Materna was responsible for the complete relaunch of the DRV website from GSB 6 to GSB/OS 10, including the overall project management, technical conception and implementation. The IT service provider has also integrated import functionalities, supported migration and trained a total of 65 editors on the new system. In addition, Materna supported the development of the platform with its support and accompanied the change process together with Aperto.

The Berlin digital agency Aperto was responsible for the content concept, creation and design of the new website. The result is an appealing and clear layout whose visual and content structure is intuitively apparent to the user – across all devices. An extensive analysis phase and user testing, in which users from five different target groups tested the old website and addressed their wishes for improvement, formed the basis for the content strategy, concept and design of the new website. Following this, the new site was also tested multiple times with users and was adapted to their needs. This resulted not only in a radical reduction and restructuring, but also in an extensive revision of the content based on a new tonality and user approach developed by Aperto. This ensured the new website consistently meets the requirements of the users and thus fulfils the project's requirement to communicate DRV's information mandate with more transparency and comprehensibility.

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