Berlin, 09. July 2021 Aperto creates a new campaign for the Minijob-Zentrale

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With a comprehensive creative campaign, the Minijob-Zentrale of the Knappschaft-Bahn-See (mini-job-centre of the association Bahn-See) fights illegal employment in private households. The campaign encompasses social and digital media as well as print.

Be it household aids, babysitters or gardeners – in the private sector, mini-jobbers are often not officially registered, even if there is nothing “mini” about their work. Conceived and produced by Aperto, the IBM iX studio in Berlin, this campaign takes a humorous look at the relationship between employer and employee and pleads for properly registered employment relations. 

Wolfgang Buschfort, head of Marketing at the Minijob-Zentrale, Knappschaft Bahn-See: “90% of household aids in Germany still work illegally. The campaign addresses this serious topic with wit and eyes-a-twinkle.”

Centrepiece of the campaign are two online videos that portray the close bond between employer and employee by equating its registration to a marriage ceremony – with just as much to celebrate! The message: Saying yes is worth it!

The campaign’s goal is to raise awareness for the illegality of non-registered private employees, resulting in more registered mini-jobs. Advantages of a registration – such as insurance or tax benefits – are neatly covered here:

The broadly based digital & social media campaign starts now for an initial period of eight weeks and, using In-Feed- and Google-Ads, will surely be hard to miss on the web. To reach older interest groups, Aperto is additionally relying on print as well. Two different motives will appear in magazines such as Gala, Bunte, Brigitte and similar formats. 

Aperto is responsible for strategy, concept, campaign development and implementation. Through continuous performance analysis, content creation and digital media planning facilitate flexible campaign-optimisation. Content was produced by Kanu Film, directed by André Maat and photos are by Tino Pohlmann. 

In 2020, the project was won with a pitch. Alongside the current campaign, Aperto supports the Minijob-Zentrale editorially as well, for example for the Minijobber magazine and across all five social media channels. 


Watch the campaign videos:


Learn more about the Minijob-Zentrale:

The Minijob-Zentrale is the sole registration office for minor employments, so-called mini-jobs, in all of Germany. Tasks of the Minijob-Zentrale include notifying social security, collecting dues for all commercial mini-jobs and registering mini-jobs in private households. Furthermore, the Minijob-Zentrale provides employers and employees with comprehensive service as well as information from a single source and advises about questions of insurance, dues and registration law for minor employment relationships. The Minijob-Zentrale is part of a unique network of the Knappschaft-Bahn-See (KBS). Together with the official pension fund, additional retirement insurance, medical as well as nursing care insurance, pension for sailors and their own healthcare network, the KBS occupies a special place within the social insurance framework. It provides its members with broad social as well as medical security. 


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