04|25|2017 Aperto at the #rp17

People, Big Bangs and Instant Coachings at re:publica from 8-10 May in the Watson Work Lounge in Hall 8!

When the digital community meets up in Berlin, naturally we’re also there in full force. And, this year, we’re not only gathering inspiration and input, but are also there as a partner in the IBM lounge.

We have been part of the IBM iX agency family for one year, have a range of new topics and projects, and the agency is growing. Which is why we’re on the lookout for people who want to be part of this exciting expansion; have the drive and expertise to tackle future topics such as cognitive commerce, marketing automation and the internet of things; and are keen to combine agency experience with the possibilities afforded by a huge company such as IBM. 

Interested? From 8-10 May, you can meet Aperto in Hall 8 at the IBM Watson Work Lounge. Register now for an appointment or just pop past spontaneously!

„What is next?“ Coffee Chats

Our HR Team is on site for all of the three days — accompanied by colleagues from the Creation, Content, Development and Strategy departments. They are there to answer all questions regarding “What is next?” at Aperto and the available positions. And — to get you through the re:publica marathon — there’s also free tea and coffee.

Make an appointment via email or WhatsApp, or just look out for the Aperto logo at the IBM stand: job@aperto.com / WhatsApp: +49 174 9966805 

„What is next?“ Personal Business Coachings

You want to achieve a particular goal or find out something career-related? In a snappy half hour, Aperto’s Anja Kabakeris will guide you through a range of questions and answers. Anja isn’t purely a Talent Manager at Aperto but is also an ICF-certified business coach with expertise on topics including pending job decisions, conflict situations, leadership, obstacles, stress situations etc. The condition for an appointment: you can imagine discussing your questions with Anja. There are eight available appointments over two days to choose from:

  • Monday, 8 May, from 14-18:00
  • Wednesday, 10 May from 10-14:00

Email Anja at anja.kabakeris@apero.com to apply for a 30min slot.

„What is next?“ in content marketing

Our highlight in the official re:publica program on Wednesday 10 May at 12:00 @ IBM Watson Work Lounge, Hall 8:

The Big Bang Content Show — your intuition versus your understanding

“Let’s play a game!” Aperto’s Ralf Junge (Lead Content Strategy) and Dominik Multhaupt (Strategy Director) suggest. In this particular re:publica game show for the whole marketing family, you have to devise digital content in different situations for your target audience, and thereby decide on the right strategy. If you’re on track, then visibility, conversions, experience and interaction coincide with your target audience’s needs. If not, you are relegated to the dreaded second page of Google search results and commence a shadow existence in the digital world.

But what is ‘content’? Before, everyone wanted to work with media, now they’re working with content. And yet, experience shows that not everyone is enjoying the same success. This is because not everyone appreciates that content forms part of a service and is therefore a core element in the user experience.

It isn’t new that users have specific expectations when searching for content. Whether automated, with help from artificial intelligence or for platforms — one always requires reliable data, structured analyses, and a service design approach that orientates itself according to the user, with the explicit goal to satisfy their needs and wishes. Essentially a good and well-founded content strategy. In the age of Big Data, it shouldn’t be difficult but somehow so many companies are still reluctant to employ data and prefer to rely on intuition.

The session begins with an interactive game show, showing good and bad strategic approach examples. We will also cover the criteria and procedures for creating a strong content strategy, both for today and the future.

Just come past!

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