04.04.2019 • Berlin Federal Statistical Office optimises its online offering

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Aperto and Materna improve the user experience and make statistical information even easier to access – on every device.

Since 21 March 2019, the website of the Federal Statistical Office has been fundamentally updated and responsively available at www.destatis.de. Via newly structured and user-oriented services, it offers interested parties an improved user experience and makes statistical information on society, the economy and the environment even easier to access. In addition, interactive graphics supplement the previous content. The design and user experience concept was developed by the digital agency and IBM subsidiary Aperto. The IT service provider Materna has technically designed the website and implemented it on the basis of the Government Site Builder (GSB).

With a fundamentally revised Internet presence, the Federal Statistical Office is now making data research and journalism easier. Via thematically structured entries, improved search functions and interactive offers, the user can easily retrieve desired information and statistics. All statistical information on society, the economy and the environment is now also available optimized for mobile devices.

Aperto developed both the visual design and the user experience concept for the new website. The first point of contact for statistical information in Germany now appears clear and tidy, modern in design and equipped with contemporary features.

An extensive usability test - carried out in advance by the Federal Statistical Office - served as the starting point for the user-centered redesign. In cooperation with the customer's project team, a responsive and intuitively usable website was created.

The colour world is fresh and serious at the same time, the use of color gradients becomes a unique selling point in comparison to other appearances of the Federal Government. An icon set with 2,000 adaptable elements now offers the Federal Statistical Office the opportunity to graphically present its diverse data from A to Z in a clear and understandable language.

The special feature of the new website is the specially developed in-house font "Destatis Sans". It is particularly easy to read on desktop screens and smaller smartphone devices and has also been optimised for use in tables.

Materna designed the website technically and implemented it on the basis of GSB 7. In order to improve the accessibility of the information provided, Materna has, among other things, completely revised the search functions within the website so that the user is offered the information that best matches his search.

Interactive graphics have also been added that display supplementary information by touching the mouse. Materna has integrated software for the creation of interactive graphics into the editorial system, which can be used to easily create and model new interactive information offers at any time. Editors can visualize statistical information in an appealing way, for example as line, circle or bar charts. In the coming months, further static graphics will be converted into the interactive format.

Users of commercial enterprises as well as representatives of the press and scientists will benefit from the improved offering in equal measure. For a more in-depth introduction, such as scientific analyses, the connected database GENESIS-Online provides the appropriate content.

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