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Relaunch of the doctor-and-patient platform puts focus on user experience, personalisation and new services for the treatment of chronic diseases

From the information portal, which was already a strong element, to the individual treatment support: Aperto’s digital healthcare experts have fundamentally reworked the online treatment support program TheraKey and, together with BERLIN-CHEMIE, have achieved a new milestone in digital doctor–patient communication. With TheraKey, BERLIN-CHEMIE AG offers doctors, patients and their relatives a solution for treatment support accompanying various indications that is unique in Germany. Ahead of the launch of the new version of TheraKey in October 2020, numerous functions were optimised or added, and the portal was updated to the technological state of the art.


‘BERLIN-CHEMIE recognised the opportunities offered by digitalisation at an early stage. We don’t just want to produce medicines; we see our role as being to support people, identify relevant topics and offer help – especially in dealing with digital products. With TheraKey, we have performed pioneering work in this area and would like to continue to set new standards, together with our agency partners such as Aperto, in order to make greater adherence possible,’ says Michael Bollessen, Product Group Manager for Diabetes Services Marketing, BERLIN-CHEMIE AG.


The Berlin-based digital agency Aperto, which has been owned by IBM since 2016, was responsible for the design and technical development of the TheraKey portal, all the way from consulting and project management through to implementation on the basis of the Magnolia CMS. This included design, quality assurance, editorial and content maintenance for sub-areas, analytics, user testing, hosting and support, as well as the production of documentation as evidence of GDPR compliance. 


The relaunch focused on improving UX and UI, particularly keeping in mind the somewhat older target group, as well as ease of use on smartphones. New, personalised content complements the treatment support and makes user-specific content after diagnosis possible. Data protection is carried out according to the latest specifications: for example, the personal area is protected with two-factor authentication.


The aim of TheraKey is to provide patients with comprehensible and product-neutral information, as well as everyday help. The Internet has often become the first port of call for advice – but the usefulness of information is sometimes difficult to assess, and the sheer variety of options can be overwhelming. BERLIN-CHEMIE has offered the digital support program for eight indication areas, including diabetes, hypertension, gout and dyslipidemia, since 2016. In the course of the relaunch, that range has been expanded to include the indication bronchial asthma. The patients are given a code by their attending physician in order to gain access to the relevant content.

‘The healthcare market is changing and digitalisation in the pharmaceutical industry is advancing. Having the opportunity to support BERLIN-CHEMIE in the further development of TheraKey in technological and content terms and to contribute our expertise in consistent user-centric implementation of digital services was a great task for our team. In order to further improve the quality of use, the personalisation and gamification elements will be expanded even more over time,’ says Katja Klüh, Executive Director, Aperto – An IBM Company. 


The TheraKey improvements in summary:

Patients addressed individually

The new version of TheraKey has a contemporary design with a new, personalised home page, which enables tailored communication of quality-tested, product-neutral information. There, patients will find individual recommendations based on their personal profile. Of course, the data is provided voluntarily and is not a prerequisite for using TheraKey. The data protection has been developed in accordance with current guidelines together with members of staff at the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT.


On track from the start – the TheraKey Compass
Insufficient adherence is one of the biggest problems in the treatment of chronic diseases. With this in mind, the new TheraKey Compass accompanies patients through the difficult first weeks from the diagnosis of COPD or diabetes, or initial set-up with insulin, and thus helps them to cope better with their illness. Precise information tailored to the onset of the disease provides orientation and increases understanding in dealing with the illness. 


Working together to improve health
Also new is the family area, providing direct access for the patient’s nearest and dearest to everything related to the treatment. Relatives are given a quick overview and more detailed information on topics related to the illness. In addition, there are also practical tips on how to better handle the lifestyle changes the disease brings with it. After all, every challenge can be overcome more easily as a team.


More motivation through interaction
But TheraKey is more than just an information portal. In order to promote lasting adherence to treatment, the patient is involved in the process. Simple and varied tasks encourage the user to explore the portal and discover new content. Progress indicators and personal feedback motivate them to continue. There is also a quiz with which the patient can test the knowledge they have acquired in a fun way. The display customised for tablets and smartphones makes it possible to use TheraKey anywhere. Of course, even after reaching this important milestone, the digital treatment companion continues to be further developed, in order to also be able to provide the best possible treatment support to patients in future.


Improvements for professionals, too
TheraKey not only offers new features for patients, but also for doctors. The improved professional area provides faster access to all indications, patient tools and download materials via your own favourites and watch lists. The aim is to improve doctor–patient communication and to make everyday medical practice easier. Analogue and digital materials accompanying TheraKey further support the practice team.


Access the portal: https://www.therakey.de


About the BERLIN-CHEMIE / Menarini Group
BERLIN-CHEMIE is an international researching pharmaceutical company with its headquarters in Berlin, Germany. The company has offices in more than 25 countries in Europe and Asia. In 2019, BERLIN-CHEMIE employed around 5,000 people worldwide and generated sales of €1.5 billion. Since 1992, BERLIN-CHEMIE has been part of the Italian Menarini Group, a leading family-owned global pharmaceutical and diagnostics company with a presence in more than 100 countries. The Group’s global reach extends across Europe, Central America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, and generates annual sales of more than €3.8 billion. For more than 125 years, Menarini has invested in the development and commercial distribution of medicines to offer patients and doctors around the world a wide variety of products in the areas of cardiovascular problems, respiratory diseases, gastroenterology, metabolism, infectious diseases and anti-inflammatory/analgesic treatments. Menarini is also intensively involved in oncology, where various new active ingredients for the treatment of a variety of tumours are under development. For more information, see www.berlin-chemie.de and www.menarini.com.


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