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on Facebook live • Worldwide March 27 – iXperience Friday

IBM iX Berlin proudly presents: our first purely digital conference on Facebook LIVE only.

On 27 March 2020 from 11 am to 3 pm there will be inspiring lectures, exciting insights and open discussions. Join the event from wherever you are online – saving time, money and CO2 travel emissions.

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The Code to Responsibility

Responsibility is playing an increasingly important role these days – may it be in view of the climate change, the digitization, the business world or the society in general. Companies have to rethink their way of working. Employees and customers need to sharpen their understanding and use of technology.

In our conference, we want to show how the combination of digitization and responsibility can be a positive force for human-centered and sustainable business. With topics like creating brand purpose, changing company cultures, designing AI, improving healthcare, fighting climate change and much more.

Further information and the agenda can be found on the Facebook page of IBM iX Berlin – Aperto.  

Join the discussion on how to crack the code to responsibility!

Our Speakers

iXperience timetable


Jeremy Waite - CSO IBM iX:
“Trees, Technology & Transformation”                                                                                     


Jeannette Gusko - Senior Regional Manager DACH, GoFundMe:
“It’s about time: Digitalization for the common good”                           


Kajal Odedra - Executive Director of the UK,
"Digital activism in a global pandemic"  


Noam Slonim - Distinguished Engineer at IBM Research AI:
“Project Debater – how persuasive can a computer be?”                                


Sarah Bernuit - Vice President Europe IBM Digital Strategy & iX:
“How to shape a responsible enterprise during crisis and beyond?”                          


David Linderman - Founder & Creative:
“Games People Play: Solving serious challenges with game theory”                             


Laia Abellán Ponce de León - Creative Strategist Facebook:
“Responsible Creative in the Digital Era”                   


Jan Pilhar Executive Director, IBM iX - Aperto:
“The Confidence Code: Trust in the Data Economy”                                                      


Jon André Løkke - CEO of Nel AS:
“Empowering Generations with Clean Energy Forever”                                                                


Anna Alex - Planetly:
“For Purpose, For Profit. Planetly – A New Generation of Startups”                                                                                                   


John Cohn - IBM Fellow, MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab:
“Big Blue meets Mass Green - A path toward Green AI”                                                   

Was können wir für Sie tun?


Hier finden Sie alle Neuigkeiten zu unserer Agenturgruppe. Zudem können Sie sich in unseren Presseverteiler aufnehmen lassen. Das lohnt sich. Denn wir haben regelmäßig etwas mitzuteilen – zu neuen Projekten, spannenden Entwicklungen und künftigen Veranstaltungen.


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