10|12|2017 Berlin Seeing what it is, not to see

Portrait of a child

Aperto and PLANTAGE create an emotional campaign for the Christoffel-Blindenmission (CBM) / Launch with TV spot and digital communication measures on 12 October, World Sight Day

The Christoffel-Blindenmission (CBM) works tirelessly towards one goal: the day that there is no more preventable blindness. With its emotional new campaign, the international development aid organisation calls on people to support them in achieving their goal. Central to the communication is a moving TV and online spot, developed by the creative agency PLANTAGE BERLIN, that also created the accompanying print campaign. The campaign landing page and the digital communication measures are the work of Aperto, in their capacity as CBM’s lead agency. The campaign launches today, on World Sight Day, part of the Woche des Sehens (Week of Sight). 

Inspired by the key theme, “We open eyes”, the film “Pictures of a life” was created to surprise viewers and thereby draw attention to the work of CBM. One sees a close-up of an old woman’s face, that transforms itself into that of a little girl. “I have seen…” she begins, and continues to describe the collected impressions of her life with her voice changing accordingly. The transformation concludes with the eyes of a — suddenly blind — child, opening and the sentence: “...And I have seen what it is, not to be able to see.”  

“The Aperto and PLANTAGE team successfully and impressively showed what we work towards every day: giving people a life, that they can look back on with their own eyes. Our goal is to gain more support, and to use the campaign to reinforce the CBM brand mission and recognition,” explains Heidrun Mürdter, Head of Marketing and Fundraising at the Christoffel-Blindenmission Germany e.V.

“Our aim was to use an unusual story to move people. If people who were originally blind can look back on their lives with their own eyes, it shows the life-changing impact of CBM’s work — for the blind as much as for the donors,” says Johannes Nittmann, Creative Director at PLANTAGE.

The film utilised CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) combined with five real actresses and, at times, five speakers for the narration. The spot was put together in collaboration with the Berlin-based animation studio Spellwork, Studiofunk Mitte and Anorak production.

Insbesondere durch den TV- und Online-Spot, der sich in der Art der Darstellung und der Erzählweise von Projekten ähnlicher Organisationen abhebt, soll die Arbeit der CBM in relevanten Zielgruppen bekannter gemacht werden.

Differentiating themselves from similar organisations through the storytelling and project presentation, the TV and online spots are intended to draw more attention to the work of CBM in the relevant target groups.

Aperto arbeitet seit 2014 für die Christoffel-Blindenmission und ist als digitale Leadagentur kontinuierlicher strategischer Partner für die Markenkommunikation der Hilfsorganisation. PLANTAGE BERLIN entwickelte die aktuelle Kampagne als Teil der Aperto-Gruppe und Experte für kreative Markenkommunikation. 

Since 2014, Aperto has worked for the Christoffel-Blindenmission and, as their digital lead agency, continues to serve as their strategic partner for brand communication. PLANTAGE BERLIN developed the current campaign as part of the Aperto group and experts in brand communication.

About the Christoffel-Blindenmission

The Christoffel-Blindenmission (CBM) is among the biggest and oldest development aid organisations in Germany. For over 100 years they have supported people with disabilities in developing countries. CBM’s task is to improve the quality of life of those with disabilities, to end preventable disabilities and to dismantle social barriers. CBM is currently supporting 628 projects in 59 countries. More information can be found at www.cbm.de.

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