03|10|16 • Berlin TV and online campaign for the “Wer liefert was” platform

Creative agency Plantage Berlin has developed a high-speed campaign for “Wer liefert was”, Germany’s leading B2B marketplace.

The relaunch of the www.wlw.de platform last autumn, and its repositioning as a product marketplace, should serve to firmly anchor their new service offering in the public’s minds. To this end, creative agency Plantage Berlin developed a campaign including TV and radio spots, as well as online advertising.

Doreen Schlicht, Senior Marketing and PR Director for “Wer liefert was” explained: “With this campaign we are directly addressing our target audience and underscoring our importance as the leading B2B marketplace, through which one can find relevant products and service providers, quickly and easily. Along with our recently revamped website, the campaign is a further, decisive move to cement ourselves as the ‘problem-solver’ in our users’ minds.”

In a series of 10-second-long spots, the fastest success stories of the world are told. They always begin with a businessman with a problem. Thanks to wlw.de, the problem is quickly and easily solved and the businessman arrives at a successful outcome. Quick frames and a succinct story-telling style, create a dynamism and speed that are reinforced by a clear visual language and distinctive sound effects. The spots are particularly authentic because they were filmed on site at real “Wer liefert was” clients’ work premises.

The spots, produced by Film Deluxe and directed by Navid Abri, are accompanied by shorter tag-ons. The 7- and 5-second clips flank their longer counterparts in advertising blocks with further product information. The campaign ran until the 17th of April on German television on N-TV, N24, Eurosport, Sport1, Dmax, Servus TV and Tele5. An online display campaign extends the idea within the arena of business, decision-maker and mid-sector publications.

The spots

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