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Whitepaper Beyond 2020 – Thriving in the New Normal

Rethinking Digital Experience for the New Normal

The COVID-19 crisis has accelerated the adoption of digital technologies across society. Digital experience will gain in importance even more than before the crisis. It will become the key battleground for businesses and brands. Our new whitepaper “Beyond 2020 – Rethinking Digital Experience for the New Normal” discusses five strategic imperatives for approaching digital experience in the new normal.


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How to thrive in the New Normal

1. Support the rebuilding of trust

Businesses have both the chance and obligation to play a vital role in rekindling trust. In uncertain times, people need reassurance. How can digital services foster trust through design, engineering and data handling?

2. Calibrate to new values

Every crisis triggers shift in attitude and behaviour – leading to new preferences and needs. People reconsider what they value in businesses and brands. How can companies leverage their digital experience to stay closely tuned to the cultural conversation?

3. Live up to rising expectations

The crisis has accelerated digital transformation. With technology having become truly essential for many people, their expectations towards digital services are evolving. How do businesses build outstanding digital experiences that deliver results?

4. Do more with less

In times of strained resources, balancing budget and ambition can be challenging. How can change management and digital accelerators be leveraged to build great digital experiences more efficiently?

5. Maintain flexibility

Given the uncertain future, technological decisions need to be future-proof and avoid lock-ins. Development teams need be highly responsive. How can modern engineering principles and agile methodologies create the much needed room to manoeuvre?

Digital experience matters

Beyond 2020, new opportunities will arise for those ready to seize them. Mindful and skilled orchestration of digital experiences will build valuable relationships and determine success. Let’s design outstanding digital experiences for the new normal.

“Digital experience drives business outcomes. It has become a key element to win and retain clients.”

Kai Großmann

Chief Executive Officer, IBM iX – Aperto

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Beyond 2020 – Rethinking Digital Experience for the New Normal

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