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Welcome to Move

Lean Innovation Task Force

The world is a constant state of motion that takes us along with it. But still we expect to be synchronized with everyone and everything; everywhere, all the time. Our shopping lists are on our smartphones, our mobile games on our tablets, and our wearables remind us about the plane takeoff. For more and more people, digital services are becoming an indispensable part of daily reality– and many of the services they count on come from Move. We believe the connection of creativity and technology is essential to keep moving forward in the future.

Move has designed communication solutions for mobile devices since 2005. Our Lean Innovation services are about acting fast for quick results, and developing direct mobile solutions together with our clients. Move connects brands and people over all devices. The team, under the leadership of managing directors, Jan Gessenhardt and Marie-Louise Sadakane, focus on the initiation of ‘Dialogue scenarios on the move’. The Move team was distinguished as the ‘Top Interactive Agency’– with the most award-winning web and app solutions– at the international Mobile Web Awards in both 2012 and 2013. The clients include Deutsche Bahn, Edeka, Siemens, WWF, Volkswagen and PostFinance.

Backstage at Aperto

Move employee testing an app on his smartphone
Move emloyee making a phone call
A bonsai and a cup on a shelf at Move
View from the Move office
Male employee in Move's office
Move employee
Move's management in their office space
Office supplies

Those who stand still, do not progress. Makes sense. And, for Move, standing still is out of the question. Move keeps things in motion, with Lean Innovation services that connect people and brands over all devices.

Here we are
Aperto GmbH
Chausseestraße 5
10115 Berlin
+49 30 283921-158