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What we do

Aperto guides the digital transformation of organizations, companies and brands. Our teams develop platforms and experiences, create marketing and communication solutions and design new products, services and business models for the digital age. We combine strategy, technology and creativity at the highest level. For our clients, we rethink business and take transformation to the next level – as a partner for digital reinvention.

With over 20 years of experience, we combine the two most important drivers of continuous development: technological expertise and a culture of innovation. Paired with the commitment to create unique and relevant customer experiences, this is the only way to keep people at the heart of everything we do.

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Digital Platforms & Experiences

We develope digital platforms, ecosystems and customer ecperience that inspire.



Airbus | Migros

Holistic strategies for targeted communication

Digital communication over a wide variety of platforms and channels plays a key role in the distribution of content today. The supply of information is constantly growing and makes one thing more important than ever for companies: to effectively bundle content and publish it in a targeted manner. Together with our clients, we develop a digital agenda in order to establish or further develop communication via key platforms and channels.

Our approach: Based on brand-strategic concepts, individual business and service models as well as KPI-based marketing and channel strategies, we reach relevant target groups and multipliers. Always with the aim of increasing awareness, reach and traffic.

Inspiration as the key to success

The success of digital offerings today depends above all on successful user guidance. Only if new services, technologies and content are made accessible through intuitive user experiences can companies and their service offerings remain competitive. For our clients, we develop and design innovative user experiences that inspire users at all touchpoints, and on every channel. Our approach: Using responsive designs, we consider all relevant use cases, question existing conventions and create interaction experiences with a wow effect. The idea is to engage users and thus increase added value for our clients.

Powerful solution for the ultimate digital discipline

E-commerce has taken an impressive evolutionary leap and is now becoming the ultimate digital discipline. For a long time, it has not only been a question of selling goods and services as users increasingly receive personalized offers that are tailored to their needs. For us, personalization and KPI-based analysis are the key drivers in electronic commerce. Our approach: As a strong partner, we help our clients to create synergies between sales, marketing and IT. In this way, personalized campaigns can be managed across all channels and touchpoints of a brand. For both B2C and B2B, we provide our clients with technical support in the form of a high-performance shop framework, a brand-oriented shopper experience and innovative marketing strategies for all digital and classic channels.

Interdisciplinary setup for perfect performance

An elegant user interface is indispensable for the implementation of technically complex projects, but it’s also not everything: Usually an interdisciplinary approach is required to guarantee excellent performance across all devices. With around 50 developers and IT experts, we create the perfect synergy between different technological areas. Our approach: In agile teams, we combine front- and backend development, business design, as well as UX and UI design for the secure integration of a new project into the IT architecture of our customers. We take into account current developments such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, chatbots and speech recognition for state-of-the-art technological solutions.

From the basic business card to a genuine brand experience

Today, a company's website serves as more than a business card – it must make the identity of a brand tangible. Being distinct from the competition and optimizing internal processes for all content maintenance are integral. We assist our clients in selecting the right content management system to sharpen their specific brand communication. Our approach: We conceptualize entire digital ecosystems and platforms from a technical and content point of view, and either relaunch them or consolidate them. We then take care of the effective maintenance, care and servicing of the entire system.

From initial contact to a sustainable customer relationship

Knowing exactly who your customers are and maintaining relationships with them is the hallmark of successful Customer Relationship Management (CRM). We support our clients in all aspects of CRM and help them to further expand, deepen or initiate customer contact. Our approach: We identify opportunities for individual contact and CRM measures and use them to derive potential for future lead generation. We work together with an extensive partner network, such as the leading Salesforce consulting agency Bluewolf - IBM Company.

Extensive data analysis for individual user content

Effective tracking and the target-oriented evaluation of information gained is a central outcome of successful online campaigns. Our approach: We collect all relevant KPIs for our clients relating to the entire user experience, and convert them into meaningful reports. Based on this data, we are then able to feature individually prepared content with automated marketing processes to users across all channels.

User relevance as a decisive success indicator

The success of a project is measured by how precisely user needs are identified and translated into relevant products, services and user experiences. This is why we are committed to being user-centred  and subject our results to ongoing quality control. Our approach: In user research, we determine in advance what the target group's needs are – then, in usability testing, we check whether products are being used according to our clients' intentions. Depending on the project, we rely on a broad set of methods: from desk researches, workshops, persona development and empathy maps to interviews, field studies, quantitative or qualitative surveys and automated tests.

Integrated Marketing & Strategic Communication

We create ideas that give meaning to brands and lasting relationships. With relevant content on all channels.



Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles "Spirit of Amarok" | VW Rally the World

Carefully consider business models for strong brand positioning

With a growing number of companies and start-ups in the market, it is becoming increasingly difficult for brands to firmly establish themselves in the memory of their target groups. We assist our clients in developing strong brand positioning and combining it with sustainable growth strategies. Our approach: Out of the box – we rethink existing business models and help our clients maintain their leading position in the digital sphere over the long term.

Holistic approach for audience-specific targeting

A holistic project approach is essential for targeting online campaigns across multiple platforms and channels. We develop cross-channel strategies and distribution plans to generate maximum attention and reach for our clients' content. Our approach: from programmatic advertising to social media, we harness the measures’ full potential to control campaigns effectively with audience-specific targeting. We take our clients through the entire campaign process – from consulting and strategy to the development of creative guiding principles and operational implementation.

Effective communication for successful knowledge transfer

Successful knowledge transfer is integral to every modern company and is an untapped source of potential. Particularly in the digital realm, corporate communication is faced with the challenge of providing relevant, often complex information in a transparent manner at all times. We help our customers successfully communicate via the appropriate channels – whether within globally operating teams or at a single location. Our approach: Identifying the right systems and tools for the most effective solution – while always keeping internal data security a top priority.

Reach the right audience with well thought-out strategies

For companies today, successful community management on all social media channels is more important than ever, not only to avert communications crises but also to understand exactly what is currently occupying their target groups and which content is particularly in demand. We develop cross-channel social media strategies and track the success of our measures through continuous monitoring and channel-specific analyses. Our approach: Whether Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or the unknown next big thing – we define suitable tools and channels to ensure that our clients' content is relevant to their audience. This also includes a suitable image concept, text of any kind and film for social media, web or intranet.

Video content for all channels

For companies, the cross-channel use of animated and video content forms the basis of their communication. In our in-house studio, we design and produce various formats for all our clients’ communication channels. Our approach: Using fast and effective processes, our producers, video editors and motion designers develop transmedial visual solutions. Aperto has an extensive external network at its disposal for the realization of even larger projects.

Tailor-made content strategies for clear messaging

Content is King – Distribution is Kong: In order for a company's messages and content to reach the right audience, the right tools and channels must be intelligently selected. We develop content strategies for our clients as a basis for successful and sustainable content marketing. Our approach: Whether image concepts, text, corporate apps or films for social media, web or intranet – we conceive, design and produce tailor-made solutions for our clients over all digital platforms.

Precise data analysis for maximum exposure

Staying one step ahead of the competition: Thorough data analysis helps companies to make their brand strategy more sustainable and competitive. We combine proven methods and advanced digital tools to provide our customers with deep insights into user behavior and marketing performance. Our approach: Whether brand marketing, performance marketing or web analytics – our data and performance experts identify, measure and interpret all business-relevant key figures for their targeted application. Additionally, with search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), we bring our clients' websites to the top of search engine rankings. Because ultimately, the best design and the most relevant content is only valuable if as many users as possible visit a website.

Staying competitive with intelligent data analysis

Only with the continuous implementation and further development of intelligent data analytical processes can companies assert themselves in the market today. We help our customers to interpret their data correctly and use it in a targeted manner. Our approach: From the functional, technical backend to data science and data analytics, we set up customer experience and business design for our customers in a sustainable manner, taking into account current developments such as artificial intelligence.

Next-Level Digital Services & Ventures

We design and scale new business models, services, products and brands



Gothaer HealthApp | Migros iMpuls | German Federal Ministry of Defence

Strategic creativity for new brand strength

In order for companies to be able to position their brands today, for the future, they must develop complex solutions. We help our clients by committing to work more strategically than agencies and more creatively than strategy consultants. Our approach: From strategic consulting to concrete implementation, we guide our clients holistically in areas such as communication, innovation and organization.

Precise brand positioning for sustainable customer relationships

Today, brands must be both recognizable and meaningful to their customers. We help companies to build and develop their brand and to create a uniform, cross-channel brand presence. Our approach: With the right positioning, we help our clients control their brand perception in a targeted manner and to distinguish themselves clearly from other products and competitors. This turns pure communication into a sustainable relationship between a brand and its audience that transcends campaigns.

From analyzing potential to proof of concept

With new, digital business models and innovative business design, companies today can discover untapped potential for success. We help our customers seize the opportunities offered by digitization and sound out the opportunities of new business ideas for them. Our approach: Together with the client, we develop potential business scenarios that allow us to assess the development process and maturity level of a business model. This forms the basis for further hypotheses on market relevance and the subsequent proof of concept directly with the user.

Garage Factory model: From idea to scalable product

In order to make digital business models fit for the future; innovative, functional working methods and stable team setups must be established and made scalable. We combine the speed, agility and innovation of a start-up with the scalability and implementation excellence of a large company. Our approach: Using the Garage Factory model, we develop products in two phases: In the first phase – the garage – product development begins. In a collaborative environment, all stakeholders develop new ideas on an interdisciplinary and cross-company basis, which are then rolled out for the initial testing of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in the market. In the second phase – the factory – the original garage team is expanded by several teams with similar structures and the product is scaled after the first market launch.

Iterating to new scalability

It is not always necessary to make major changes in order to design future-proof business models. We help our clients in small and large companies in the evolving existing business models – regardless of whether they require completely new concepts or a step-by-step restructuring of the business. Our approach: Using various methods such as Design Thinking, Ideation or the Garage Factory model, we work with our customers to iteratively advance concepts and continuously develop them to scalability.

Platform solutions as innovation drivers

Through digital transformation, it is no longer individual products that are decisive innovation drivers, but platform-based business models. We help our clients establish themselves as relevant players on existing platforms and expand their own digital ecosystems. Our approach: Based on our Platform Design Toolkit methodology, we develop an understanding of the needs, values and motivations of all stakeholders of a platform and draw comprehensive platform designs  from this for our clients.

From prototype to complete implementation

In theory, ideas are often easily implemented. In practice, on the other hand, one has to prove whether they really work by continuously putting them through their paces and developing them further. In interdisciplinary teams, we translate ideas into functional prototypes for our clients and test their potential for success at an early stage of product development. Our approach: We test prototypes for their market relevance in short, iterative cycles. We subject them to an intensive proof of concept and finally develop them from a minimum functional iteration (Minimum Viable Product, MVP) to implementation maturity. This step-by-step process saves time and resources and enables us to use our budget in a targeted manner while continuously monitoring the quality of our work.

Close to the user for the optimal product

Offering an app is attractive for companies and is often expected by users today. We help our clients find the right app and the right system for their needs. Our approach: With agile teams, we develop initial prototypes up to a minimum functional product version (Minimum Viable Product, MVP) and get valuable feedback from real users during the whole development process. From development through to the marketable product, we can communicate with our clients in a targeted manner and avoid unpleasant surprises.

How We Work

Our Mindset

Openness is one of the most important characteristics of the digital age – the ‘Era of Connectivity’. Being open enables us to interact with others and to create new and smart connections in a constantly changing world. Our clients and their interests form the core of our attitude and action. We collaborate at eye level – with them and with our partners. Because only those who are open can connect.

Our quality standards

We guarantee transparent and efficient project procedures and develop suitable processes for our customers. While some use a classic waterfall model, most projects use design thinking and agile methods such as Scrum. With our Lean Business Innovation process, we have also developed an innovation model to bring new digital services and products to market quickly and scalably. Our focus is on product quality, user experience and the continuous optimization of project processes. As early as 1999, we were one of the first agencies to introduce ISO-certified quality management – in accordance with the stringent criteria of the manufacturing industry. In addition, we offer a broad network of partners and the unique power of IBM.

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At Aperto, over 400 experts work together with a strong network of technology partners, and the global IBM iX agency family. Together we turn "work" into teamwork.

IBM | Apple

In 2014, IBM and Apple joined forces to form an exclusive global partnership. In the Berlin office, thanks to Aperto's many years of mobile expertise, the partnership in the DACH region will be further expanded and driven forward


An intuitive and dependable CMS: Aperto has long been a certified partner of Magnolia CMS, with our expertise being valued by clients such as the Airbus Group, the Bank of Scotland, Migros and Rossmann.

Read more here.



High performance and scalability: Aperto uses CoreMedia CMS as a base for many of its projects, including the ZDFmediathek, and the websites of SOS-Kinderdorf and the German Federal Government.

Read more here.


What can we do for you?


We are driven by projects that both inspire and challenge us. So if you’re looking for an agency to collaborate and grow with, you’ve found the right partner. Focusing on three primary areas – strategy, creation and technology – to deliver a holistic solution for your project.


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