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What We Do: We connect Wow & How

Our ability to connect today’s three core disciplines – technology, strategy and creativity – at the highest level is what makes us the “Right-Service Agency For The Digital Age”. We guide the digital transformation of companies and organizations by pioneering ground-breaking marketing solutions, products and business models.

We know that today no agency can do everything. Tasks and projects are becoming more complex as new technologies and specializations emerge. Those who still promise ‘Full-Service’ end up delivering only half the possible results. That’s why we concentrate on what our clients really need to be successful. This constant focus on the right priorities is what we call ‘Right-Service’.

How We Work

Our Mindset

Openness is one of the most important characteristics of the digital age – the ‘Era of Connectivity’. Being open enables us to interact with others and to create new and smart connections in a constantly changing world. Our clients and their interests form the core of our attitude and action. We collaborate at eye level – with them and with our partners. Because only those who are open can connect.

Our Quality Standards

We guarantee transparent and efficient project flows, designing individual processes for each client. This is what drove us to develop the client-specific ‘Right-Service Client Management’. As, while the classic waterfall model might suit one project, another might require an agile approach e.g. scrum. Our focus lies as much in the quality of the product as the process of its production, continual optimizing and refining each step. As early as 1999, we were among the first agencies to implement ISO-certified quality management according to the tough criteria of the production industry.

Technical Expertise


High performance and scalability: Aperto uses CoreMedia CMS as a base for many of its projects, including the ZDFmediathek, and the websites of SOS-Kinderdorf and the German Federal Government.

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The flexible intranet and portal platform: Aperto uses Liferay for various projects – with clients such as Volkswagen AG and IHK value Liferay as a portal and intranet solution.

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The versatile Enterprise CMS: Aperto implements FirstSpirit in the building of complex content management projects such as websites and intranets.

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The favorite of the automotive and marketing industries, Aperto has used AEM – previously Adobe CQ5 – as a base for various websites for almost ten years.

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An intuitive and dependable CMS: Aperto has long been a certified partner of Magnolia CMS, with our expertise being valued by clients such as the Airbus Group, the Bank of Scotland, Migros and Rossmann.

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Marketing and creative experts from hundreds of leading companies, including Aperto, rely on CELUM for increased productivity, rights management and data analysis to increase profitability and strengthen their brands.

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What can we do for you?

We look forward to hearing from you.

We are driven by projects that both inspire and challenge us. So if you’re looking for an agency to collaborate and grow with, you’ve found the right partner. Focusing on three primary areas – strategy, creation and technology – to deliver a holistic solution, we provide the Right-Service For The Digital Age.


Kai Lohberger, Director New Business
Aperto GmbH
Chausseestraße 5
10115 Berlin
+49 30 283921-158