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CoreMedia – Platinum Partner

Aperto and CoreMedia

CoreMedia CMS is a scalable and extensible web content management platform. The system scores with its outstanding software architecture, including intelligent caching mechanisms. With the CoreMedia CMS, dynamic websites can be set up that are precisely tailored to the context of use.
The Java-based CoreMedia CMS, also known as CoreMedia Content Experience Platform, targets large websites and is suitable for both corporate and news portals.
Since 2002, we have been working closely with CoreMedia. Aperto was the first company ever to be named a CoreMedia Platinum Partner in 2008 - which means we have been at the highest level of partnership awarded by the CMS provider in Hamburg for more than ten years. Project by project customers experience our outstanding CoreMedia expertise, for example the Federal Ministry of Defense, the Federal Foreign Office, the real estate portal or the electrical shop Sonepar.

Our shared success story

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We are driven by projects that both inspire and challenge us. So if you’re looking for an agency to collaborate and grow with, you’ve found the right partner. Focusing on three primary areas – strategy, creation and technology – to deliver a holistic solution for your project.


Sebastian Kubitschko, Manager Future Technology Consulting
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