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A new digital brand experience

Providing mobility solutions means constantly moving ahead: With a redesigned digital communications platform, Bombardier Transportation showcases its products and positions itself as visionary industry leader.


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The worldwide leader in transportation and aerospace was looking to differentiate its aircraft and rail divisions. The goal? Sharpen focus and enable digital B2B marketing on a global scale.

On, the transportation brand comes to life on the web. It features detailed product showcases, engaging case stories and a rich, interactive presentation – with the possibility to set up and roll-out dedicated local presences for international markets.  

A compelling digital brand experience clearly distinguishes Bombardier Transportation from its competition and provides the information that decision makers in long-term purchasing processes need to partner up with the company.


  • Digitale Markenstrategie
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Design (Corporate)
  • Digital Brand Experience
  • Digitales B2B Marketing
  • Digitales Designsystem

Technical Platforms & Partners

  • Adobe Experience Manager

A tangible product portfolio

Bombardier Transportation offers the rail industry’s broadest portfolio. That’s why we completely redesigned the digital product presentation. From trains and trams to e-mobility — the company’s full range of solutions are visually set in scene and more engaging than ever.

How to build connected mobility systems or even entire city transportation ecosystems? Communicating complex topics in a clear and understandable fashion is key to an enjoyable digital brand experience. Clear wording, compelling imagery and illustrations support it.

But most importantly, comprehensive UX/UI patterns and a site and navigation structure — built on thorough user insights – help potential buyers as well as rail enthusiasts easily explore and understand all that Bombardier Transportation has to offer.

Case stories from around the world illustrate how transportation solutions are used under real-life conditions. More than just references, these success stories demonstrate the company’s capabilities and global impact.

State of the art editorial design

For a more dynamic content environment, the platform is set up in a modular way. The variety of content modules eliminate repetition while allowing the page to scale across different languages.

Information that was previously fragmented is now easier to find, thanks to clear categories. Meanwhile, flexible content templates allow supplemental information to be collapsed or extended. They make optimal use of space while reducing complexity.

The design also ensures that content attracts more readers: Large, high-quality images can be found everywhere. New text elements like quotes or facts and figures break up long pieces of writing. Delightful animations and background videos support the content — after all, mobility is all about motion.

One place for news and information

The central newsroom is a powerful hub for stories. Designed for media professionals, it features all the latest information in a comprehensive overview.

Corporate storytelling sets the agenda while aggregated news from social media demonstrate activity. A powerful search lets users find information in an archive of press releases and filter between topics.

Leadership beyond mobility

B2B marketing processes for trains and tram systems take a long time, as various stakeholders need to be convinced. Bombardier Transportation’s new high-quality brand experience leaves no doubt about their strong track record as innovative and global mobility provider.

Redesigned product pages and a strong content strategy highlight relevant reference projects. Facts and figures are clearly illustrated, showing — among others — the company’s global footprint.

By underscoring Bombardier Transportation’s role as leader in safe, reliable, and eco-friendly mobility solutions, the new brand experience becomes an effective marketing tool.

Strategy and design for a holistic brand experience

Aperto was responsible for the strategic direction and design of the new digital presence, including UX and UI design in close collaboration with the Bombardier Transportation digital team. Technical implementation—based on the CMS “Adobe Experience Manager“—was handled by the partner agency Valtech.

As a leading company in the rail industry, our mobility solutions move millions of people around the world every day – to work, to university or to family and friends. Our new website is an excellent way to tell these stories to a wide audience. Aperto has helped us competently to create a modern user experience, which presents our new corporate design in an inspiring way.

Claas Belling

Head of Global External Communications, Bombardier Transportation

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