Relaunch of the TheraKey portal, the personalized therapy companion for patients, healthcare professionals and family members

The TheraKey portal provides patients, physicians and family members with scientifically sound information and accompanies patients in their therapy with helpful protocol functions, tools, quizzes and prescriptions. The TheraKey offers support for eight indications, including type 1 and type 2 diabetes as well as asthma and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).


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The old TheraKey portal has already caused a sensation in the pharmaceutical world. With the new portal, BERLIN-CHEMIE and Aperto have taken the next step in digital therapy support. 

The new portal is friendlier, more structured and, above all, more personal. Users get the information relevant to them at the point where they need it. The improvement of the tools and quizzes used will increase user adherence and thus also make the doctor's work easier. 

The technical basis is now ready for the future and has been implemented according to the current and high standards of data protection and security. The project was carried out in close cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT.


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TheraKey as an extended arm of the physician

There are people who have to share their everyday life with an illness. For these people, TheraKey is the digital companion program that helps them live with their illness as well as possible, learn about therapy options, and read important information. Medical professionals use TheraKey as an extended arm for patients at home. In the old portal, all users saw the same content for each indication. This will now change, because every person is unique, has an individual clinical picture and needs a specific treatment along with a suitable program.


Patient with personality!

Our claim: This has to work better! Patients and their relatives should be able to access information that is only relevant to them more quickly. When logging in and entering the special code received from the responsible physician, users can now directly configure a personal profile and from now on will only be shown the personalized information relevant to his or her disease.

Personal patient approach

The new TheraKey presents itself in a contemporary design with a new, personalized start page, which enables a precisely fitting mediation of quality-tested, product-independent information. There, patients can find individual recommendations based on a personal profile. Of course, the provision of data is voluntary and is not a prerequisite for using TheraKey. The data protection was developed according to current specifications together with employees of the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT.

On course from the start - the TheraKey Compass

Inadequate adherence is one of the biggest problems in the treatment of chronic diseases. The new TheraKey Compass therefore accompanies patients from the diagnosis of COPD, diabetes or the initial setting of insulin through the difficult first few weeks, helping them to cope better with their disease. Precise information tailored to the onset of the disease provides orientation and increases understanding in dealing with the disease.

Together for better health

Another new feature is the relatives' area with direct access to everything about the therapy for the closest circle of people. Here, relatives can get a quick overview and specific information on topics related to the disease. In addition, there is practical help for dealing better with the changed life situation. After all, any challenge can be better overcome by working together.

More motivation through interaction

However, TheraKey is more than just an information portal. In order to promote long-term adherence to therapy, the patient is also involved. Simple and varied tasks encourage the user to explore the portal and discover new content. Progress indicators and personal feedback motivate the user to continue. In the quiz, patients can playfully test their acquired knowledge. The adapted display for tablets and smartphones makes TheraKey usable from anywhere. Of course, the digital therapy companion will continue to be developed further even after this important milestone has been reached, so that patients can continue to receive the best possible support in their therapy in the future.

BERLIN-CHEMIE recognized early on the opportunities offered by digitalization. We don't just want to manufacture medicines, but see our role as supporting people, identifying relevant issues and offering help - also and especially in dealing with digital offerings. With the TheraKey, we have done pioneering work in this regard and would like to continue to set new standards together with our agency partners such as Aperto to enable greater adherence.

Michael Bollessen

Product Group Manager Marketing Diabetes, BERLIN-CHEMIE AG.

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