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Live and on Air

Entirely new look: how Aperto lets Abu Dhabi Media shine online in a brand new light.

Abu Dhabi Media is the largest Arab media company with 18 TV, radio and other subsidiary brands, including Abu Dhabi TV (ADTV). Aperto has created a new ADTV website for the media giant. The relaunched homepage heightens visibility for the brand along with all its online offers and services.

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The result is a website that is in tune with the particular needs and habits of viewers in the UAE as well as large parts of the Middle and Far East. Large-format visual worlds draw users straight into the heart of the TV channel's online offering, while complying with the rule of touch first. The website provides a seamless experience on all devices, whether desktop, tablet or smartphone.

During the entire creative process it must be remembered that in Arabic the reading direction is from right to left. So Aperto moves some of the navigational elements for an optimum user experience. And also finds solutions for the responsive approach – down to the very last detail.

Aperto Middle East is currently relaunching the Abu Dhabi Media corporate website.


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