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The start of 2014 sees a rebranding for Europe's largest aircraft and aerospace company – EADS become the Airbus Group. This entails bringing the new brand's entire corporate communication in line with today's digital age. The main tasks for us: Which innovations can we use to make three independent divisions speak with one voice? How do we develop a future-proof, digital web estate for the company's communication that works across all platforms? And how can the transformation process be meaningfully supported by content and applications?

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Our solution is a paradigm shift. A shift away from corporate communication toward corporate storytelling. Based on a modern digital web estate that communicates the topics and values relevant to the new brand. Further, social media modules and content aggregation ensure real-time publication. Here, Airbus focuses on the people who make up the company and the authentic anecdotes they have to tell. This is backed by the latest technology: an intelligent CMS (Magnolia) that readily enables international agenda setting, as well as applications offering access to contextually relevant information. Finally, the design facilitates a genuine seamless user experience on all devices. 

With this approach the Airbus Group sets new standards for communication within the sector and further strengthens its position as a real thought leader. Aperto began partnering the global player as early as 2009.


  • Digital Brand Experience
  • Corporate Storytelling
  • Brand Transformation
  • Joy of Use
  • Content Marketing
  • Editorial Design
  • User Experience
  • Service Apps
  • Agenda Setting
  • Cross Device
  • SEO
  • URL Strategy

Technical Platform

  • Magnolia

Digital brand transformation: three divisions, one voice

The Airbus Group brand is made up of three divisions: Airbus, Airbus Defence and Space, and Airbus Helicopters. Aperto ensures these three divisions speak with one voice. Using a corporate web estate that supports the internal and external transformation process across all digital channels.

Impressive digital brand experience

We make it fly. This key message it also the core of our strategic approach. Aperto transfers this message to the corporate web estate – by way of an impressive digital brand experience. The consistent cross-device approach and latest screen navigation underscore the Airbus Group’s role as a thought and innovation leader. In our strategic planning and concept Aperto combines user experience design with agenda setting and content marketing.

These strategic approaches culminate in a fascinating user journey. The user now experiences a company that speaks with a unified voice, but where each division remains autonomous. A company that is up to date and ready to go that one step further. Not out of this world, but to great heights

Exciting insights and thrilling stories

Whether on a desktop, tablet or smartphone, the ultramodern design of the corporate web estate offers a seamless brand experience on all digital end devices. While being intuitive to use and future-proof. Efficient content modules can be endlessly recombined, such that the corporate web estate is constantly changing – offering the editors numerous possibilities for fast and up-to-the-minute agenda setting.

Thrilling anecdotes surrounding the Group are an integral part of the newly developed storytelling concept. The challenging mission of the Rosetta space probe and a presentation of the new Airbus – users have never been so close to the fascination of flight. In this way, the Group is seen in a new light, as with the brand special "We make it fly", for example. Users can then share this brand experience via social media.

Joy of use for readers and editors

On the technical side, the website is based on the latest version of the Magnolia 5 content management system (CMS) – one of the first sites to be created using this release that is designed for use on touchscreen devices.

All for the readers' and editors' joy of use: the focus of the technical implementation is on the editor experience. Thanks to a modular system, all the different content elements can be prepared quickly and flexibly in the back end. The modules and editorial content can be easily rearranged, placed in another context and edited or expanded at any time. For example, with automatic image resizing for high-resolution devices and different display formats. The editors are always in complete visual control ­– on any device.

Tailored solutions, like these smart-relay modules, allow the Airbus Group to make use of synergies throughout the company: content, such as situations vacant, share prices or key facts can be added to different websites belonging to the Group. Yet another step towards drawing the divisions closer together. 

Modules at a glance

First-class communication hub

At the heart of corporate communication, the company website is closely linked to all the other digital channels.

Award-winning service apps

The digital pallet is supplemented by the prize-winning investor relations app and a service-oriented employee app.

Consistent content marketing

Compelling storytelling allows users to peek behind the scenes. It presents both products and innovations – while also inspiring enthusiasm for the brand, which can then be shared via social media.

Flexible editorial design

The use of the long-page design, large-format images, interactive graphs and a unique visual identity creates a high-quality look-and-feel.

Modern user experience

The flattened navigational structure, progressive user experience features, cross-device abilities and touch-first approach all correspond to current user expectations and further highlight the innovative force driving the brand.

Awards and Press

Annual Multimedia, 2014

Silver, 2014

design made in germany

Honorable Mention, 2014


Honorable Mention, 2014

mobilewebawards 2013

Best Investor Relations Mobile Applications

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