Editorial System for a service Giant

The German Foreign Office answers six million user requests each month. Aperto develops a CMS to meet every need.

German embassies and consulates around the world are a vital contact point for those Germans staying or living abroad who need advice and tips. These services are mainly used via the internet: the Foreign Office maintains 250 sites in 45 languages with six million requests every month – that means traffic around the clock.

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So that the Foreign Office can handle this dizzying number of requests, Aperto develops a powerful, central CMS. Based on CoreMedia this system is available for the 3,500 editors worldwide 24/7. Those responsible for the regional pages can use the content supplied by the central editorial team without the need for costly installations or additional programming skills. Image galleries, videos, external links, and complete topical packages are available to embassies in their local language. Furthermore, country editors do not have to worry about updating content themselves: changes made by the central editorial team are automatically applied to the country pages.

Collaboration with the Foreign Office continues: Aperto is currently developing a mobile version of the website with changes to the CSS.


  • Content Management
  • Editorial System
  • Technical Implementation
  • Corporate Design
  • Corporate Identity
  • Styleguide
  • Frontend

Technical Platform

  • CoreMedia

Modules at a glance

Original and varied

Although all country pages are based on the same system, each site has its own distinctive layout. Aperto developed a variety of design templates and nine color versions. Whether subtle, elegant or bold, the editors around the world can customize their pages individually.

Greased lightning service

Aperto has optimized the CMS such that copy, images, and press releases, as well as ad-hoc reports or last-minute travel warnings are available worldwide online within seconds of publication within the system.

Maximum flexibility

The CMS is highly versatile and gives the editors complete control over their individual design. To this end, Aperto creates various tools, such as a variety of teasers, audio, video and image formats that can be used everywhere thanks to their straightforward configuration process.

Automatically adapted

Additionally, editors can integrate their own external content using RSS feeds. Such content is also automatically adapted to the layout of the country pages.

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