A prime Example of Political Communication

Close to political events: how the Bundesrat communicates openly with citizens via its website – on all mobile devices

The Bundesrat website sets new standards in digital communication among political bodies. Aperto transformed it into a magazine that conveys political decisions in a transparent and readily comprehensible manner.

Thanks to the site's clear design and intuitive navigation, the latest, relevant topics are just a few clicks away for any user. In addition, Aperto has produced numerous services, interactive tools and illustrations that present the information in a well-structured, accessible way.

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Now the processes behind German political decisions are easier to understand: a livestream on the entry page lets users watch Bundesrat sessions. It is also possible to access whole debates or individual speeches and agenda points.

A further advantage: all content is available on desktops, tablets, and smartphones and can be accessed anytime, anyplace. The new Bundesrat website has considerably closed the oft-cited gap between politicians and the people.


  • Responsive Design
  • Multi Device
  • Content Relaunch
  • E-Government
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Viewport Concept

Technical Platform

  • Government Site Builder



Our new website is much more clearly laid out and makes the work of the Bundesrat much more trans-parent. It offers both experts and interested parties numerous services and easy entry into the wealth of information.

Peter Wilke

Online Commissioner for the Bundesrat

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