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Relaunch of the German Armed Forces digital media offering

The German Armed Forces are finally emerging from digital cover with a user-friendly, interactive and future-proof new website at At the direction of the BWI GmbH, Aperto has crafted the armed forces’ web presence into a central content hub that serves as a strong base for further developments.


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While the old German Armed Forces website was both difficult to navigate and outdated, the new website shows a modern, transparent organization with an important social mission and gives insight into what drives the people that make the Bundeswehr what it is. A new look and advanced technology make it quick, accessible, precise and dialogue-orientated – and a reliable information source for the thousands of users that interact with the Bundeswehr on a daily basis.


  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Migration
  • Backend
  • Frontend
  • SEO
  • Agile

Technical Platforms & Partners

  • CoreMedia
  • Veams

The public image of the German Armed Forces is defined first and foremost by the media

The public often knows very little about the German Armed Forces, or are critical of it. The media tells of personnel shortages, broken equipment and controversial missions. And, until now, the German Armed Forces had no effective online channel to oppose this impression: important information was distributed over almost 70 separate websites, was hard to find and displayed in a user-unfriendly way. 

A new web presence has a lot to deliver. It should provide users with clear, easy-to-find and current information, and offer meaningful dialogue opportunities because only then people can form a rounded opinion. 

Communicating openly and approachable as ‘one’ Armed Forces organization

Out from under digital cover: the new website was made to be seen. This is why we turned the many separate sites into one, consolidated web presence with a fresh digital design, overhauled content, clear information hierarchy and interactive infographics. And most importantly: with insights into the day-to-day and motivation of the people who make the Bundeswehr what it is.

Our agile approach enabled close collaboration with our clients and quick responses to the shifting requirements as well as to the outcomes of our regular user testing.

A user-friendly, interactive and future-proof website

The new website shows the German Armed Forces as it is: a modern, transparent organization with an important social mission in our globalized world; one of the most multi-faceted employers in Germany and an approachable unit that is defined by the people within it.

Agile project approach with maximum transparency

Scrum & Kanban

In an agile project, the client knows at any point what is currently being developed or produced next. To achieve this, the development team worked with scrum and the content team used kanban.


Within three-week sprints, concepts were created, features designed and developed, bugs were fixed and content was fed into the CMS from copybooks. 


The team used regular reviews to present their work results and gather feedback from the client.

Backlog Groomings

During backlog grooming, the next user stories were specified and prioritized together with the client.

Daily stand-ups & check-ins

Daily stand-ups and check-ins were used to share work status, clear obstacles and discuss possible solutions among all disciplines.


In retrospectives, the team reflected on their collaboration and decided on measures to improve it.

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