Elderly Care

Longer independent living at home with the Elderly Care App

Life expectancy is increasing and with it the number of people in need of long-term care. At the same time, there is a growing shortage of labour to supply this rapidly growing population. Together with Aperto, Malteser International and IBM have developed a product for family members and first responders to increase the security of personal care. The idea is to improve the quality of life of aging people with the sustainable help of artificial intelligence! Elderly Care is the first Watson-based solution that enables older people to live longer and more independently at home. 

The central tool: The Elderly Care App, which gives family members, friends or neighbours status information about incidents at home. It works with sensor data in combination with the cognitive capabilities of IBM technology and responds to anomalies and possible emergencies, especially in emergency situations in which case the inhabitant cannot manually trigger an alarm. 


  • User Experience
  • Business Design
  • Backend
  • IBM Design Thinking
  • Agile


  • Android
  • iOS

Traffic light system provides intuitive information

The notification of the app works via an intuitive traffic light system. In the event of anomalies, the app's users can view the details of the sensor data to assess the circumstances. If they are unable to resolve a potentially critical situation and give the "green light", professionals from affiliated emergency and care associations receive information and decide how to proceed. An additional feature of the app is an integrated group chat, which allows care givers to talk to each other and view a history of past conditions. 

IoT and Smart Home for a self-determined life

Non-invasive standard sensors are easy to install in a home. The data supplied by the sensors is processed and interpreted by IBM Watson from the IBM Telematics Hub, a platform designed specifically for secure processing and rapid evaluation of data from the Internet of Things. Algorithms adapt to residents' behavior and daily routines to intelligently identify potential anomalies or situations and generate notifications of inconsistencies. 

The smartphone app (Android/iOS) sends notifications to relatives and caregivers and notifies them if something is wrong (e.g. water has been running for an hour and doors open). 

Design Thinking

The idea of the Elderly Care App was developed in a workshop focussing on design thinking methods together with the current residents. Before the workshop started, the customer's business model was evaluated, benchmarking and user research were carried out and iterative prototyping was started as quickly as possible as part of the Lean Service Creation approach. Once the target group knowledge had been gained and the most important user needs understood, an InVision prototype was created. This prototype was tested in public and received very positive feedback so that the agile development phase could be continued in close cooperation with the customer. In each sprint, the team decided which user to convert and the results were tested in high numbers. After 4 iOS and 4 Android sprints, the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) was finally delivered. 

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