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Digital democracy: for the first time in the country's history, the federal government and its citizens enter into direct dialog – discussing Germany.

The German federal government considers its digital interaction with the citizens as being open, transparent, and approachable. But how can a government make full use of all that the Internet has to offer? How can it retain its seriousness and the trust of the people? How modern and direct is it allowed to be? Aperto has been responsible for the government's website since January 2012, helping to answer these very questions.

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Dialog is now a clearly defined guideline for the new website. Links to the government's social media sites are all to be found together on the entry page, so as to enter into immediate dialog with the user. One of the flagship projects in this respect is the "Dialog about Germany" platform, where citizens were able to suggest how Germany should confront future social challenges.

Another novelty: Aperto developed videos for the government's YouTube channel, as well as for the entire digital presence. For example, in 2014, for the first time in the history of the federal government, the new cabinet introduced themselves to the people. Each minister made an individual video podcast. Similarly, the topic of "25 years after the Berlin Wall" was digitally explained, with video portraits from contemporary eye-witnesses, who deeply move the German president.

Commissioned by the governmental Press and Information Office, we have also completely revamped the main website,, the new platform for the chancellor, designed a website for journalists, and developed the online style guide for all the government's websites.


  • Concept
  • Design
  • Frontend
  • Video Production
  • Editorial
  • Strategic Advice
  • Accessibility

Technical Platform

  • Government Site Builder

As close as possible to the citizens

With various stakeholders and offices, numerous projects and campaigns as well as over 20 web portals, how does the federal government manage to speak with one voice on the Net? And how does it reach its citizens? Answering these questions is the key challenge in our collaboration with the federal government.

Clear and uniform

Aperto's solution is for a uniform and interactive web estate that interests people in politics. Complicated issues are clearly defined and made readily comprehensible. In planning the various different projects, the concept, design and front end conform to the government's existing online style guide as well as the one drawn up in part by Aperto.

Open and transparent

Aperto adapts the federal government's corporate identity and that of all its offices for use in digital media. An online style guide is developed in cooperation with the agency MetaDesign, collating and clarifying all the basic design issues on one government website. As part of this process, Aperto redesigns the site.

Openness, transparency, and an optimum user experience are at the focus of all the designs. On the "Dialog about Germany" website, in particular, the government appears open and near to the people. The design corresponds to current user habits and is equally optimized for mobile devices.

Speaking in pictures

Aperto has been producing films for the federal government since 2012, using high-quality HD equipment. Around 240 videos until now: film portraits on the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall that was viewed 400,000 times, interviews with ministers, special topics for the YouTube channel. But Aperto also takes care of special effects, color and light adjustment, animations, and screen designs.

Further, Aperto supports the Press Office in terms of content management and accessibility. Six days a week editors are available on a service hotline especially for employees at the Press Office and for journalists.

Modules at a glance

High quality equipment

Our own film and video production with Avid editing equipment, animation facilities and sound recording studio as well as filming in XD-Cam and DSLR format for high-quality films.

Comprehensive online style guide

All the basic design issues summarized on one government website:

First-level support

Service hotline for editors working at the Federal Press Office and for journalists needing help on running and optimizing the website and on updating data in the CMS – six days a week.

Accessibility guaranteed

In general, all projects and contents are designed for accessibility according to the BITV 2 standard – including videos with sign language.

Reliable partners

Based in Dortmund, IT service provider Materna is the main contractor and as such is responsible for managing all the projects as well as the technical concept and implementation. Babiel is responsible for technical operations at its own data center.

Facts & Figures

Videos and films are an important component for the government's digital communication. And they are popular among the people, as these figures clearly testify.

YouTube Views
Films for the Press Office
Web estate pages

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