From Cost Reimbursement to Digital Health Service Provision

How can you fundamentally  redesign and modernize a technically complex app with very little time? Aperto's service design team was faced with this challenge. The answer: to drill into an existing white label solution and adapt it to create an individual customer solution. Within just six months, we developed a new health app that positioned the Gothaer Krankenversicherung brand as a modern digital health service provider.


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At the app’s core is IBM's business logic: the FotoApp for submitting receipts was developed as a white label solution specifically for the insurance industry. Previously, insurance companies could only individualize these to a very limited extent.

As part of IBM iX, we have exclusive access to the framework and source code of the white label solution and were able to open the FotoApp architecture. From now on, third-party services can be technically integrated and content can be dynamically changed while in live operation – and without App Store release. The new architecture of the app also enables a unique and modern operating and design concept, and a completely new brand and service experience.


  • Strategieberatung
  • Design Thinking
  • Lean Service Creation
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Agile App Entwicklung
  • App-Analytics
  • Appserver-Hosting


  • IBM FotoApp
  • iOS
  • Android

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New health services and a user-centric operating concept for all insured persons.

Policyholders expect a range of services from modern health insurance that goes far beyond the reimbursement of costs for doctors’ appointments and medication: They want digital health services with added value, more accessible customer service and a great digital service experience.

As one of the largest private insurers in Germany, Gothaer wants to set new standards and has created a relevant digital health service offering that appeals to younger and older target groups alike.

Functional becomes emotional

From functional receipt submission to digital service experience: The new, user-centered operating concept and design make using the Gothaer Health App a great brand and service experience. The new architecture clearly focuses on the user. The user interface has been completely redesigned and adapted to the individual requirements of Gothaer and its policyholders.

All services up-to-date and in one place

The new Gothaer Health App contains all service offers that are relevant for customers on the move. Current, targeted offers from the insurance company reach the user quickly and easily via the app. Aperto operates an app server for Gothaer, allowing new content to be dynamically uploaded to the app, at any time, without having to publish a new version.

The Gothaer Krankenversicherung regularly rolls out new functions within the app with another new feature soon to be added: making appointments via the app, which will enhance the the doctor search.

Intuitive use and content with personality

Aperto has developed a modern operating concept with a fresh, lively visual language for the Gothaer Health App to ensure an engaging digital experience. Users can intuitively scroll and swipe through content while a practical operating guide facilitates document submission. For a more human touch, your personal client consultant introduces themselves via video business card. New features are constantly in the pipeline at Gothaer.

Continuous expansion for added customer benefits and agile cooperation

We are continuously developing the Health App further, in close cooperation with Gothaer, to ensure that we remain close to the user and their expectations. Aperto is also responsible for the technical support, maintenance and operation of the app.

Since the launch of the app in January 2018, 22,000 new users have already registered, and the trend is rising.

In just six months, Aperto has transformed a functional white label product into a compelling digital experience – always in close cooperation with, and oriented around, the user. The Health App — a successful example of agile cooperation.

This is another of those inventions you had to wait a long time for and don't want to do without anymore. Many thanks.

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of a user from the 13th of January 2018.

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