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For Migros, the largest retail establishment in Switzerland, Aperto has created a responsive service portal for all devices — and with a personal touch.

“Welcome back, Evelyn Meier!”. This is how personally Migros greets its customers on the new migros.ch site. Switzerland’s biggest employer’s promise to always be at the customer’s side, can now be fulfilled even more. Today, every user can access the entire range of Migros products and services on one platform and — thanks to its multi-device design — even on the go, in a handy pocket-sized format. It doesn’t get closer than that.

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In their role as lead digital agency, Aperto is responsible for the entire project’s management as well as concept, design and technical implementation, including the integration of third-party systems and content migration. The new website concept arranges the company’s complex and formerly fragmented web landscape into one concise platform and a single, consistent user experience.

New features such as personalisation, localisation, integration of the customer loyalty program Cumulus, as well as the store finder and product-availability-check, all reinforce the service-orientation of the website and drive additional sales.


  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Concept
  • CMS Relaunch
  • Editorial System
  • Content Editing
  • Content Migration
  • Frontend
  • Backend

Technical Platform

  • Magnolia 5
  • Bootstrap

Everything in one place

The formerly fragmented Migros online world had to be combined under one roof and the brand values of “love, trust, uniqueness, Swiss-ness and freshness” had to be brought to life, digitally. Aside from business- and sales-orientated goals, the Migros brand identity had to be strengthened in the digital realm and translated in a contemporary manner.

Your Migros is returning to you

With the new platform, Migros wants to achieve three primary goals: establish more relevance to the user, increase time spent by customers online and offline sales, and ensure a positive perception of Migros by customers. The guiding principle “Your Migros is returning to you” illustrates a switch from company perspective to user perspective, which was upheld throughout the project’s design and conceptualisation. The new migros.ch website achieves significantly more user-relevance through personalisation. The smart user experience makes browsing through the latest products and offers easier than ever before — even on the go, on a tablet or smartphone — and the shopping list functionality helps to boost sales in the physical shops: “Research online, buy offline.”

Modular CMS Toolbox

We use Magnolia CMS 5 as our content management system. The CMS functions as a central content hub, that transfers content even over asynchronous RabbitMQ services to Migros’ central data hub, referred to as the M-API. Multiple interfaces are attached to it, whereby a multi-layered caching mechanism was established. The editors have access to a comprehensive, modular toolbox catalogue with over 200 components over 20 available templates.

Modules at a glance

Intuitive User Guidance

The comfortable and large-scale on-canvas navigation enables easy access to over 5,500 pages. Systematic cross-linking, based on a network concept, optimises the content navigation. 

Digital brand experience

Irrespective of which device the new migros.ch website is accessed on, consistent, clear design guarantees users a seamless user experience. Large format imagery reflects the warmth, clarity and emotion of the Migros brand. Typography, text, style elements, images and animations also serve to reinforce the more personal tonality with the user. The uncomplicated off-canvas navigation and the new icon system offer orientation on the website as well as the supermarket.


Aperto planned and executed the migration of all existing content, created a comprehensive editorial handbook and trained the Migros editors in the new CMS, which, with its multitude of components, offers new and flexible design possibilities.


Research online, purchase offline: the new website offers ideal preparation for one’s next supermarket purchase, making the experience even easier and more comfortable. Once registered, customers can access all personal details and services in one place within the “My Migros” section. With one click, customers can manage their individual user account, which is also linked to the Migros customer loyalty and bonus point program, Cumulus. They can browse products and current sales, create shopping lists, activate coupons or vouchers and load them on to their Cumulus card, view purchases of the last 24 months and edit personal details.


A toolbox, in the form of a content management framework, was created parallel to the relaunch, which ensures the website’s technical standardisation. Over 18 brands/label-microsites and campaigns are found within the CMS, which strengthens the consistency of the digital brand experience throughout the migros.ch website. The application of the toolbox was able to visibly boost business efficiency within the website projects and provide a range of available components.

“With the new Migros.ch website, we bring the brand back to the people and offer an added value, irrespective of where the customer is. Always at your side, just like back then. Only much better.”

Philippe Stuker

Head of Digital Communication at Migros

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