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The personalised service for a healthier life

Living every day better with Migros: With an online platform and the personalised iMpuls Coach service, the Swiss retailer is now gathering its entire healthcare expertise in one place, creating a holistic brand experience within the health and fitness sector.


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The core of iMpuls, Migros’ health and fitness initiative, is the digital platform Migros-iMpuls.ch. It encompasses Migros’ entire healthcare range, connecting all relevant service offerings in one place and offering information about nutrition, fitness, relaxation and medicine.

In order to personally assist their customers, Migros — together with their agency partners Aperto and Namics — developed the iMpuls Coach. The new digital service offers people who want to lose weight or get fitter, a variety of useful tips, in a fun and interactive way. An individual medical history enables users to receive unique, tailored programs with recipes, workouts and tasks that perfectly complement their personal training plan.

The Migros iMpuls health and fitness initiative gives daily motivation to live a healthier life, thereby creating a new brand experience with personal added value.

In their role as Migros’ digital lead agency, Aperto is responsible for the business design for iMpuls, as well as the concept, UX and visual design for the new service. The technical implementation was completed in collaboration with Namics, using the Magnolia CMS.


  • Service Design
  • User Experience
  • Business Design
  • Digital Health
  • Branding
  • Illustration
  • Agile


  • Magnolia

Customer loyalty achieved with a seamless customer experience

The health and fitness market is growing rapidly and is also a strategically important business sector for Migros. The Swiss retailer’s unique advantage lies in their consistent customer journey within this sector, as all topics from nutrition to fitness, relaxation and medical tips, offer an added value online that can be directly connected to their offline business. Featuring the diverse range of products in a central place provides an opportunity to communicate with customers even better.

A service that motivates and connects all product offerings

A platform and a personalised service that groups the entire spectrum of Migros’ health offerings goes beyond just showing related products. The digital offering doesn’t stop at the supermarket grocery range but includes offerings from Migros SportXX, the Migros Club School and Migros recreational centres.

Unlike overly strict fitness and weight-loss programs, the iMpuls Coach takes a more playful approach that even makes it easy for beginners to begin a healthier lifestyle. The iMpuls Coach has both an intuitive and attractive interface, enhanced by illustrations, animations and video content. Various daily to-dos make it easy to achieve success quickly, using badges and a point system to motivate users. Users can also interact with one another via real time chat or ask questions using the expert question tool.

iMpuls positions Migros as a player in the health and fitness sector

With iMpuls, Migros positions itself as a health and fitness provider on the Swiss market — thereby expanding brand awareness. All health sections offer an added value online that can also be realised offline. Cross-channel marketing and cross-selling are supported. Migros iMpuls provides a seamless customer journey over multiple touchpoints, and a new, holistic brand experience within the health and fitness sector.

Strategy, creativity and technology in overview

Business design

From design thinking to the business model canvas: The potential of the new service, in terms of business impact and user experience, was evaluated together with Migros using workshops and lean business design methods.

Design and digital branding

Migros decided on new branding for iMpuls: the ‘iMpulsSpickel’(iMpuls Wedge) acts as both an activating and motivating element. Aperto developed the digital branding and defined design elements for the platform and services.

User Experience

Everything from strategic positioning to the complex interaction patterns of the coach was studied to see how users interacted with the platform and the service, and which emotions were triggered. Established interaction elements from other Migros platforms were consciously introduced — such as the login, shopping list, and product display — in order to maintain a consistent UX over multiple Migros platforms.


iMpuls is based upon motivating and activating mechanisms, such as a smart and fun level and reward system, which provide the stickiness required for users to achieve their predefined, personal goals.


Comprehensive illustrated sets for workouts, badges for achieved levels and rewards, as well as iconography make the platform visually appealing and enable more personal communication with the user.

Agile teamwork

The project was implemented using agile, making it possible to react optimally to constantly evolving requirements and feedback. Development of a design vision and a prototype formed the foundation, with sprint-based UX and design development. The technical implementation in collaboration with Namics used Magnolia (platform) and React (coach).

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Awards and Press

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