Moving Success Stories

Clever content marketing for SOS-Kinderdorf: how compelling storytelling encourages more donations and warms children's hearts.

Good deeds on the Net: SOS-Kinderdorf depends on donations and sponsorship to help needy children and families all over the world. Aperto relaunched the website to make it easier for people to access the various ways to donate. Information about the organization and its individual projects are also more strikingly presented and easier for users to find. In addition, they can now directly contact the organization. Plus emotional and compelling reports and background stories improve the NGO's digital external image.

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The success stories of the people helped by SOS-Kinderdorf form the core of the new website. All the content is prepared such that the organization's work is transparent and easily comprehensible for the user. These success stories show how the donations help and motivate users to help or even become an SOS sponsor.


  • Content Strategy
  • Storytelling
  • Content Marketing
  • Conversion Optimization

Technical Platform

  • CoreMedia 7

Modules at a glance

From the story to the donation

Moving stories of success, told in various formats and from different perspectives, show potential donors how their aid really helps.

Improved donation process

What is the problem? How does SOS-Kinderdorf help? How can you support SOS-Kinderdorf? Aperto proves to the reader in just three steps that donating to SOS-Kinderdorf is the right and important thing to do. The donation process itself was also optimized to motivate users.

High relevance for the target group

The design and content were relaunched to better match the target groups. Users can now more easily navigate the site.

Digital mother ship

The SOS-Kinderdorf website is the digital mother ship for the individual institutions with their local sites. They appear autonomously with their own websites, but clearly adhering to the overall appearance in line with the organization's corporate identity.

Optimized content management

The improved CMS enables the individual editors and departments to network more easily and make content available.

Aperto optimally linked the technology and design to the content and brilliantly shifted the focus we wanted to more relevance, growth and willingness to donate."

Thomas Laker

Head of Brand Dialog, SOS-Kinderdorf

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