Spirit of Amarok

In the fast lane – gearing up brand awareness with a cross-media campaign.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles makes off-roading popular in Germany, bringing together the German fan community with the international off-road event Spirit of Amarok.

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7 international teams. 1 goal. Victory in South Africa’s Kalahari desert. In 2017, for the first time, participants also faced competition from Germany. 4000 amateur drivers from across the country gathered in the Mammutpark to compete against one another for the adventure of a lifetime. From the call for applications, to the German preliminary decision, and ultimately the final in South Africa – fans throughout Germany could be captivated by the off-roading spirit via Facebook, YouTube and  a dedicated landing page.


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A home for off-roading fans worldwide

As the lead digital agency for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Aperto developed the campaign page for the Spirit of Amarok. It acts as a master for all participating countries, setting high international standards. Using a content management system based on Drupal, necessary adjustments can be implemented smoothly throughout the individual campaign phases.

Consistent content production

The exclusive offline adventure of yesterday will become an online experience for thousands tomorrow. Aperto creates real-time content using in-house media production and an experienced on-site team to ensure it’s seamless and high quality. In very little time, more than 50 entries are generated from over 40 hours of film material. Aperto is thereby responsible for all  content production related to the campaign: a comprehensive activation campaign in the run-up and the subsequent content use.

The two Aperto-managed Facebook channels, Volkswagen Amarok and Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge, profit from the material even months later, inspiring off-roading fans throughout Germany using canvas ads, GIF posts and short clips.

The Spirit of Amarok – an event with reach

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles conquers the off-roading community in Germany with the Spirit of Amarok.

The Volkswagen Amarok brand benefits from the positive reach of the event. The ongoing reporting extends far beyond social networks and even reaches the national and international press.

Facts & figures

The Spirit of Amarok – highest brand awareness for the dirtiest event of the year. Display, search, video and social ads promote the ultimate off-roading event within the campaign period.

Over various touchpoints, in excess of 40 million impressions are able to be generated by ads alone. And the high-quality social media posts also serve their purpose. They achieve an above-average organic reach and sustainably strengthen the Amarok community.

New fans on Facebook
Number Likes (Jan '17 - Mar '18)
YouTube Views (Jan’17-Mar’18)

Car washing is like tearing pages out of the Bible.

(Spirit of Amarok participant in the Mammutpark, Germany 2017)

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