A Content Management System for a Service Giant

The Foreign Office responds to a mammoth six million user requests per month. Aperto develops a content management system that is equal to the task.

Around the globe, German embassies and consulates are a crucial point of contact where Germans who are visiting or living abroad can go for advice or valuable information. This service is accessed primarily online: the Foreign Office has 230 websites in 47 languages and fields six million requests per month. This means traffic all day, every day.

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In order for the Foreign Office to be able to tackle the dizzying number of requests, Aperto has created a powerful, central content management system. The CoreMedia-based system can be accessed by the 3,500 content editors around the world, around the clock. This enables the managers of each country’s site to use information from the central system without complicated installation or programming requirements.

The missions abroad have access to image galleries, videos, external links and complete theme packs, all in the relevant language. The local editors don’t even have to update this content themselves: changes to the central database is automatically updated on all country sites.

The collaboration with the Foreign Office is currently underway, with Aperto developing a mobile version of the website through adaptation of the CSS.


  • Content Management
  • Technical Implementation
  • Corporate Design
  • Corporate Identity
  • Frontend
  • Styleguide

Technical Platform

  • CoreMedia


Best Government Mobile Application

Mobile Web Award

Modules Overview

Individual Layout

Plain, eye-catching or elegant: although they share a central content management system, each consulate and embassy is able to individualise their layout through an array of theme sets and nine colour variations developed by Aperto.

Anytime, anywhere

The Foreign Office’s current security and travel tips are globally available. Whether via desktop, tablet or smartphone - the global websites are optimised for all devices and further enhanced by the “Travel Safe” mobile app.

Realtime Service

After being published in the CMS, all content - such as photos, press releases or urgent travel and security tips - is available online within seconds, on all channels and all devices, worldwide.

Award-winning Travel App

The digital service offering is further broadened by the award-winning “Travel Safe” app. Users are able to intuitively navigate through an interactive globe in order to personalise the multi-language app for local use, wherever they are.

Automatic Content Adaptation

Embassies and consulates can also integrate external content, such as the “Deutsche Welle” News, via RSS feed. The system automatically adapts the content to the layout of the according country website.

Perfect Partnership

Aperto has been working with the Foreign Office since 2001 and continues to develop their digital service offering. In addition, Aperto also trains the editors in search engine optimisation, CMS and social media.

Facts & Figures

Editorial content, topics of interest and CMS workflows differ from country to country, making for a particularly interesting technical challenge.

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