Conversion for Nature Conservation

Digital storytelling for one of the most powerful NGOs – the WWF.

Aperto designs the WWF website as the central information channel that depicts all the work done by the organization and thus plays a key role in fundraising. The main aims here are to create a high level of awareness for pressing concerns, generate a willingness to donate, reach users in everyday situations, and promote dialog.

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Here Aperto focuses on the targeted dramaturgy of the website – from the first click right up to donations. Modules for various campaigns on the entry page highlight the most urgent issues. The restructured and redesigned menus provide users with more intuitive access to the 2,000+ pages of articles. All the processes are tailored to users' needs and equally designed for mobile devices. This, together with the usability analyses carried out beforehand, ensure many people are motivated to donate and can do so spontaneously even when on the move.

In addition, Aperto develops dedicated website tools for the WWF's special campaigns. These are integrated in the platform and lend the new pages a reporting style, which more closely involves users by way of large-format images, seamlessly integrated videos and other optical novelties. The WWF editorial team can thus readily follow campaigns on the Net and share these via social media, such as the Bonobo campaign Mood videos and photos provide a direct insight into the habitat and fate of this endangered species.


  • Campaign Ready
  • Storytelling
  • Concept and Modules
  • Content Relaunch
  • Content Marketing
  • Conversion Funnel Optimization
  • Responsive Design

Technical Platform

  • Typo 3

Modules at a glance

Hosting und Support

At the request of the WWF, Aperto manages the hosting and support of the website, working with a certified green electricity supplier.

Previous projects

Aperto created the campaign microsite "Wald.Meister 2011", aimed at saving forests. The agency also developed the novel "Snow Globe" app, which generated increased donations around the holiday period.

In its concept and implementation of innovative features for our new website Aperto added its many years of expertise in fundraising. In close collaboration we have produced an attractive and modern site that further promotes the dynamic development of WWF Germany online.

Sönke Kranz

Head of Internet at WWF Germany

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